February 16, 2004:   Happy First Birthday BRADY!!!

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Brady is a puppy no more!    He has had a wonderful first year.    He came home on April 18.   Brady was completely housebroken at four months old.   About the same time, he started going to school.   Brady has completed two obedience classes and has almost completed his third agility class.     In December, Brady's little brother came to live with us.   Brady is so happy to have Solo in his life, and the boys are best friends!    

Brady's goals for the coming year are to begin competing in agility and to take a herding instinct test.   He plans to continue his agility classes throughout the year.

Here's a pictorial review of Brady's first year:

April 18, 2003 - The day Brady came home.   I called him "Puppy" for the first few days.

Another picture on April 18.   Brady loves children!   He's become best buddies with Chelsea (Golden) & Jake (Lab)

This picture was taken on May 1.   Brady had one ear down for several days.   He looked SO cute!

Another photo taken on May 1.   His fur is already getting lighter.

Brady had a hard time adjusting to the leash.   It took LOTS of chicken to get him to walk those first few steps.

Brady with Hedgie.   May 3.  He was the cutest puppy!

Brady never met a toy he didn't like!   May 3.

Look, Mama, I caught a Squirrel!  May 3

Brady's first awful experience!   He attended a puppy kindergarten class on May 13 that was  a free-for-all.   Poor Brady spent most of the class on his back being dominated by the bigger puppies.   We NEVER went back!

I'm on to bigger game -- I caught a ZEBRA!   May 24.

Look, Mama, I caught a COW!   June 21.

Brady with Baby, his favorite cat.   June 26.

Graduation from puppy kindergarten!


Brady jumped into a small lake for the first time.


Brady & I went away for the second time during Labor Day weekend.   We stayed in a cabin in Big Thompson Canyon.   Brady was SO well behaved!

Brady walked off-leash for the first time this weekend!

Brady's favorite place is Black Forest Regional Park.   This photo was taken in late October.

Brady began taking agility lessons in October.    He loves the contact trainer!  This photo was taken in November.

Brady thinks the tunnel is FUN!   This photo was also taken in November, when Brady was nine months old.

One of my favorite photos of Brady.    He really enjoys playing!

On December 5, Brady's half-brother and great-uncle came home to live with us!    Brady immediately introduced his little brother to agility.

Brady liked Solo from the moment they met at the breeder's.   He was SO happy to have a little brother.

Brady & Solo on December 28.   This Christmas present didn't last long!

Brady on New Year's Eve.   He visited the groomer for the first time today!

Brady's looking SO grown up, and Solo is getting big!   Another New Year's Eve photo.

Brady & Solo on February 8.   Almost a year old, and very much the big brother.

Brady really likes to herd his big yellow ball around the yard.

This photo was taken on February 15.   Brady just got his new tire jump last week.   He'll do just about anything as long as someone throws the bumper for him.

Brady with his favorite bumper.  February 15.

Brady really enjoys running the contact trainer.

February 17.   It's Brady's Birthday!!  To celebrate, we had an early morning hike in  Black Forest Regional Park.

My boy is so grown up! 

Brady loves to chase sticks in the park.   I'm surprised that corgi's are SO into retrieving.

My handsome, perfect boy!!!!